Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's October?!?

OI! I noticed today that I'm linked to my all time favorite blog so...I felt I owed to him to post something new here :D Anyway, it's been a crazy couple of months. Sometimes I have time to approach polyvore, sometimes I don't. Since I've learned how to make stuff in Adobe...that's occupied most of my time and energy. Also, I haven't had the time to properly keep up with polyvore, so I no longer feel like an authority figure on the subject. And the polyvore blog is doing so well...well, who am I? But I still do enjoy making sets and I'd like to feature a couple of my recent favorites here.

I'll Melt With You by Jess Lee

This is a set by Polyvore's own Jess Lee. It's just phenomanal. I love the way all the pieces seem to glow with an inner light. The color, of course is not only appealing to polyvore girls (I don't know what it is about teal) but the pieces are super chic and sophisticated. Furthermore, it's titled after my favorite song, so kudos!

La Garconne Style by Natasha11
Yeah, Natasha AGAIN, I know. But the woman never fails to impress me. What she has, and what I wish more serious polyvorians the ability to edit a look. I know I fail to edit all the time. This...Where's the earrings, and the bangles, and the hat, and the shades, and rings and filagree? It's not there. And the set is better off for their absence. I mean seriously, when you're wearing this outfit, is anything else needed? Absolutely not. It's mysterious and strange and charming and heavy...I love it.

Untitled by salome

Well isn't this frakkin' adorable! It's odd but the porportions are JUST right. The big floppy shoes would not work with a different kind of dress and with that jacket,this outfit really is a delightfully simple work of art. If it makes me want to draw's art.

And with that, I leave you again. I'd love to say I'll be posting alot from now on, but I keep falling through on that promise so I'll just say, until next time!