Friday, June 13, 2008

"I Am Human and I Need to Be Laaa-ooooved!" by Ducktape

"Haven't Had a Dream in a Long Time" by Henedina

Is this Gokarm Gratification Day or something? Within the last two hours, I see that two of my favorite polyvorian friends have done something extraordinary. They mozzified freakin' awesome sets! That's right, Mozzy has become a verb, deal with it. These sets are fantastic by themselves, of course. The salmony pretty pink and black is fresh...appealing with a touch of a dark shadow accompanying it...awwwesome. And the sheer awesomeness of everything in Henedina's set...well...that's it, it's just awesome! I think even Morrissey himself would be pleased to see what inspiration his words have wrought.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Set of the Day

"london flirt" by henedina

I wasn't going to post anything today, but this was too marvelous to resist. I admit I have a particular love for all things british (lord knows why) but this transcends mere Anglophilia. I think the best example is pairing that jacket with THAT plaid...not just any plaid, but THAT non tartan plaid. It's genious...ever so slightly revolutionary, as that plaid is often thought of as being a western american cowboy-ish pattern, and yet is present here, in the wild world of go go london. Then you throw in that plaid fedora...well, it's just thumbing one's nose at the whole concept of "this is mine, that is yours". They fit together perfectly, and charmingly. The whole look could have been overdone, but miss Henedina, again, found a perfect mix of color and elements that is both surprising and strangely perfectly acceptable...if that makes sense. Well done, B!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Set of the Day

"Te Dire Adieu" by LDee

I should probably prefice this by saying that...I can't access Polyvore at work anymore because of the fascists in my sets and blogs have been few and far between, and will continue to be for a little while until I get used to doing this when I'm at home. But so anyway, this is set of the day because I'm a big fan of these "color" sets. Ever since I got my creative juices replenished by "Sex in the City"...I've been kind of crazy about sort of unusual combinations. This dark lime green with peach is unusual, bold and oh so delicious. Well done, LDee!

"So Far Away from Life"

Res Nullius

First of all...stunned. It's been a long time on polyvore since I've seen something truly original and this...THIS...body of work (really, see them all, they're equally spectacular" is making the most of what polyvore can offer. I had dreams of making collages like this...brave, solid, believable "art"...but forget it, I just don't have the skills, and quite frankly, I didn't think anyone would nail it, but boy, I was wrong. I don't think I need to explain further. All I can do is implore you to, if you haven't already, check out this talented artist.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Set of the Day

"Treasure And Peg Legs" by LisaMay

Well, isn't this a bit of spectacular. Where to begin...well, let's start with the chimp. Right away, you know this set is nearly crossing the border into crazy town, but she keeps it real using a solid *normal* color palette, mostly. Other than that, it's bat shit crazy. The floral long sleeve tee under that sort of tribal print dress is...well, I think she'd get looks. It's very editorial, in its whimsy. Her inspiration, as far as I can gather, is Pirates, if I'm judging correctly by the title. Pirates! I'll be honest, Pirates weren't what jumped to mind when I saw this...but I did get the feel of a Caribbean "bazaar" full of exotic trinkets and fabrics. Furthermore, yeah, when you look at it through pirate goggles, if you will...It does have a certain Pirate "flair" in its haphazard, do what you will "flurry". Also, DIGGIN' those shades, man. They're the element that keeps this set buoyant. Nicely done, LisaMay!

"don't forget to brush your hair" by Trishy

Happy street style Thursdays, kittens! Today, I decided to feature on of polyvore's most talented pure stylists, Trishy. This set is subtle, but what I really like about it is how she mixed super casual with super chic pieces. Obviously the scuffed, dirty-ish, severely distressed jeans are just about the only element that is very casual, but notice how the scuff marks match the nude tone of the flats, tying together this somewhat discordant set. The sleeveless blouse is a nice bridging piece as well...very elegant and chic, but also casual and "aged" looking. Nicely done, Trishy!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Set of the Day

by spiderman is having me for dinnr

Spider made some pretty awesome sets today, but this is my favorite, winning the most "chill factor" points. The hippie with the limp hair, the tortoise shell wayfarer frame sunglasses, the hap-hazard accessories that just "go". Definitely loving it. And if I'm not mistaken, that's one of my favorite plain black mini skirts that...for some reason...i'm TOTALLY digging right now. Versatality is my friend.

Buñuel’s Belle de Jour; a tribute to Yves Saint-Laurent

I felt this appropriate for Vintage Wednesdays, seeing as how the fashion world is mourning the loss of one of the top 5 greatest designers ever. I'm also a big fan of anything using "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg". Maturity rocks.