Friday, March 28, 2008


Why does society cater to youth? I'm fascinated by this. As I understand it, human beings have a reputation as being the most sophisticated animals on Earth. We can reason, determine right from wrong and, should we so choose, fight baser instincts.

In spite of this, children are the lords of the race. We listen to bad pop music because the kids like it. We watch watered down, intellectually devoid television because the kids can't pay attention to anything better. We walk through the mall and are assaulted by Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers around every corner with their pearly whites and twinkling eyes because they're child gods.

Aging women get facelifts, butt lifts, shoulder implants, breast implants, tummy tucks in the hopeless attempt to recapture their "youth". Not necessarily because they want to, but because they HAVE keep their jobs or their husbands. Aging, a natural and unavoidable human condition, is considered shameful, "ugly", "unhealthy".

Even my beloved Polyvore has been taken over by these teens and tweens. My 60 year old mother, a polyvorian by the name of Mewsmom, was told by some snot-nosed brat that "she didn't like people who are 60 and have a polyvore". Obviously, 60 year olds are unwelcome in a place of fun and beauty. They belong in a home because they're SIXTY!! OMG, just, lyke, die alredy, beiyatch.

And that's not the most baffling part. Adults make up the majority of the population. Why do we all roll over for these kids? Why don't we insist on quality anymore? Maybe the children of our world wouldn't grow up to be such shits if they had access to some class when they were young. "Barney" has generated some seriously inhuman monsters, that's all I can say.

ANYway...i made this set to magnify the beauty of an older woman who is completely natural and completely, lets face it, OLD...but still dignified and graceful and far more beautiful than Mischa Barton or Paris Hilton or any of those filthy fashionistas.


hujn said...

Your mother and you have been and still are the driving force behind many Polyvore features/bug fixes/enhancements. We really appreciate all your support and involvement in the development of Polyvore. The kid who said that should be ashamed of themselves. I hope they'll grow up someday.

- Jianing from Polyvore

Karmander said...

thanks Jianing, I really appreciate that :) I've gotten a lot of nasty comments from people before and i can write them off easily, but this child loved what Mewsmom did in her sets until she found out how old she was. That's REALLY upsetting to see that kind of prejudice face to face, particularly from one so young. I'm probably more disappointed about it than Mewsmom lol.