Friday, April 04, 2008


Kittens, it took a year, but I finally found a dress worth getting excited about. THIS...

Is superb.

Not my set, I mean the dress. Ohhh, that DRESS! This dress is a modern take on that old edwardian Queen Victoria style dress. Broad neckline, corseted waist with that pointy thing at the bottom (excuse my total ignorance as to proper fashion jargon), two pieces of cloth that drape off to the side to reveal the skirt underneath...This is THE dress I drew when I was but a wee gokarm. It's just shorter and less puffy. Does it look silly and costumey? Not at ALL...which is the most exciting thing about it. It looks like a simple linen sundress, and while it is, it is also a brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT work of tailoring and imagination. Miss Westwood, I bow to you.