Wednesday, April 02, 2008


The New Girl in Town

Neither Day nor Evening

Some Things are Never "Out"

Galliano for Less 4

Galliano for Less 3

Galliano for a Little Less

Galliano for Less

This is a series of sets inspired by a Galliano show. The basic premise, as I understand it, is travelling women in the 1930's who are tired and disheveled, smeared make up, clothes in disarray. It looks like they were travelling by train to midwest america on account of the victorian furniture and hay on the floor...beyond that...ahm...and then it goes into this inexpicable territory where...everyone GETS it, and there's a connection, but nobody can expain it. Like the woman carrying a doll...why? One assumes there's a story behind it, but one does not ask questions. I love it because it's kind of a cross between Caberet and Gypsy...two musicals I had recently purchased and watched before seeing this collection. And maybe that's why the story is the way it is. Do you see something different? I'd love to hear it!


Anonymous said...

Amazing collection of sets, I love them.

Karmander said...

thanks, sarah!

lulucool said...

i totally agree. awesome sets!