Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Evening Beauty by Natasha11

First, kittens, lets take a look at this stunning dress. This is one of those dresses that make wearing clothes an absolute pleasure. It's a soft silk that makes a woman feel slinky and sexy without being overexposed. The ruffles around the bottom play with the color and form of a woman's legs. Every time she walks, she is being petted and hugged and cuddled by this delightful fabric. Furthermore, the peaches and beiges under the dress make it look like the dress wishes to become the woman, and not the other way around.

The styling of this dress is spectacular as well. I am particularly fond of the pearl, chain and ribbon necklace that adds a touch of interest at the neck without being overbearing. I would also like to point out the jacket...it looks like a cotton to me, and it will work beautifully with the silk...not too rough and not too soft and well structured over this relatively structureless dress. Thank you to Natasha for her too kind dedication :) Kisses to you, dear!


Natasha11 said...

My dear Gokarm, you are seeing this set exactly like I do and your explanation is wonderful, thank you very much my friend :)


lulucool said...

wow, yes, i like your vision about the set.

Karmander said...

thanks dears, but the credit is to natasha for having the vision in the first place :)