Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Set of the Day

"Summer of Love" by Cotton Tail

I like hippies. This set evokes the spirit of hippies. So I like this set. I always enjoy seeing a "hippy-ish" updated look. This is very present, very "now", but has that flowy, carefree look of the past.

I suppose it makes sense that flowers,loose fabrics, natural fibers etc...should be a re-occuring trend in fashion during those times when the world most desperately needs to focus on nature and being natural. It's been blatently obvious to me that the way we live our lives here in the U.S. of A is entirely UN-natural and rather senseless. I keep waiting for...the world to change lol...no no, I keep waiting for a drastic overturning of the way we proceed with daily business. We need more small town businesses that are within bicycling distance from home (A.K.A-Kill off Wal-Mart and Target), less gas-guzzling cars, less central air conditioning, less hairspray, less plastic, less preservatives...more home gardens....generally a complete rehaul on American priorities. *sighs* I'm ready, how about you?