Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vintage Wednesdays

"Lillian Gish"

This is both vintage in style and vintage polyvore, created by myself 11 months ago. Well, at the speed life moves these days, heck yeah, that's vintage lol. It's an interesting thing to go back to these old sets and see, i guess, how far I've come. Frankly, if I were to edit this set, I'd change just about everything but the dress. and the background and the puppy. Really, the whole set has less to do with "fashion" than to do with pulling together colors and textures from a variety of places. I'm quite sure nothing in this set is genuine vintage clothes, but they are indisputably inspired by vintage...the antique lace and embroidery in the dress and the boots with the illusion of a lace-up front are reminicent of something you'd find in your great grandmother's attic and that's why this is featured on Vintage Wednesdays.