Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vintage Wednesdays

Medium Brown Bag

So I've recently been using a few vintage items in my sets occasionally...and this is one of them. I was attracted to this dress because I liked how the white looked with the green and blue plaid fabric, and the button details are fun. For some reason, I always knew I'd style this dress with brown. White would have looked too clinical, and another color, too garish. It had to be brown. I also knew the shoes had to be oxfords, after a little searching. Anything else looks entirely out of place with this dress. I did want to portray this as an every day "shopping" outfit...just something to be out on the town in. So I included the shopping bags and, to me, they're absolutely indispensable. This is the sort of outfit that NEEDS some sort of context, otherwise it just looks like a costumey blast from the past. I liked the hair because it looked sort of disheveled and undone, and I thought, under the hat, that's perfect! It's 3 pm, you've done all your shopping and dealt with rude cashiers and people stealing your parking space and this going wrong and that going wrong...But no matter what, you will look FABULOUS through it all.


Emily said...

I love this look, I like how you incorporated the Bloomingdale's bags into it. A very modern store, but the bags have that vintage appeal to them.