Monday, May 19, 2008

Dorothy Malone

I say underknown instead of underrated because truth be told, Dorothy Malone is a terrible actress; but in that definitive '50s way; the rolling eyes of desperation, the awkward hand gestures to "emote" sadness, or surprise, or anger, the dreamy "stars in her eyes" gooey glances at some inevitably gay hunk. Dorothy Malone is all about that, and really, nobody did it better...she was utterly unreserved. And it paid off at the time. Besides that, she was beautiful, a quintessential screen goddess, akin to Lauren Bacall, Ava Gardner, and Lana Turner. Here's to you, Dorothy Malone!

The clothes are reminiscent rather than genuinely 50s. I believe the bag is vintage, and the ring and the eyeglasses also, but the shirt is from Forever21 (someday, I'm going to post a blog about why I hate the name of that can probably guess) and the skirt I believe is from net-a-porter. I thought is was evocative of the poodle skirt, with the white socks and pink flats...that's what I was going for, at least.