Thursday, May 08, 2008

Street Style Thursdays

This is what casual wear is all about. Nobody wants to pile on accessories or mess around with "layers" on their casual days (except me ;-))...They want to throw on something quick and easy, and this, kittens...

"Girly Rock Star" by joostyna

is fabulous. It looks stunning, fresh, bright colors...pastels and soft fabrics...but step back and whoa! It's a bad ass rock star! It really is, you know. This is really hip, a gorgeous mix of colors, but you don't mess around with this chick. She packs a punch. I've always been a big fan of that particular dollydagger scarf, and this is why. It's got that perfect marriage of femininity and does this whole set. Well done, joostyna!


indecisive_demoniac said...

i like to mess around with layers too ;)

Karmander said...

i guess i'm not the only one :D