Thursday, May 15, 2008

Set of the Day

by .:like the Rock::.

This is not easy to do, kittens. Honestly, I try to bring this amount of ferocity to every set I make, but usually, it turns out...overcooked. This is done JUST right, with just the right amount of accessories and that STUNNING use of hot pink. I love the lacy/silky dress over those killer trousers and I can not get over those shoes. It's such an unusual combination of colors, and even more unusual with this outfit, but I totally dig it. I'm always a fan of fingerless gloves. If I had my way, the whole world would wear some form of glove and hat every single day. Also, not that this has much to do with the outfit, but I LOVE the model pics. They have so much attitude...I noticed looking through model's really common to see this sort of sleepy, lazy, droopy, "I'm sooooo bored" thing going on in the pictures...or something really soft and sunwashed and cerebral...but you rarely see some funky attitude and that's MY preferred photographic personality. Fashion people, you need to work on that. Gokarm has decreed. Well done .:like the Rock::.!