Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What Up?

For some reason, I have a fascination with this purple pencil skirt. It seems to reap some creative color choices in my brain. But in this case, I'd say the t-shirt definitely took this look where it needed to go. The light purple circle matches, in tone, the skirt...if I were dealing with paint, for instance, and I had the purple of the skirt sitting on the pallette and I added white...it'd be the color of the circle in the t-shirt. So, with those colors, I somehow managed to find these terrific and super-matching colored items, like the shoes and the sunglasses...this is one of those where luck was on my side :)

"So Money"

I swore I would never use that vest. I didn't get it, I thought it looked too costumey and garish, and it just didn't suit me in any way. That is, until, I needed a jacket to go over this outfit. I had my purple pencil skirt, and the top...I added the shoes and the bag and everything...but it was all very safe. As you all know by now, in my book safe=boring. So I opened up my favorite source for fabulousity, net-a-porter...and saw that vest again. And it clicked. I got the vest. Everything seemed more expensive, daring, high-class...in a 5th ave kind of way...and I knew it was right. Again, something that wouldn't have happened without the purple pencil skirt.