Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vintage Wednesdays

Thanks to this dress... I have a wealth of "vintage" sets to choose from. I chose this one...

"Tea With the Bennet's" by Portia

Because I really love the background and overall general layout. Rather than having a perfect or even imperfect square behind it, she has one "page" askew, like it's falling down. It's very deconstructionalist, which is a particularly modern element in design these days so while it's a vintage set, it is designed using modern elements. Furthermore, I love the shoes with this dress. They were kind of a selling point, since there were SO many fabulous sets using this dress. And furthermore, it puts me in the mood for some sweet tea, and that's always a good place to be :)


Jill @ Trend de la Creme said...

This is beautiful!

Mewsmom said...

Congratulations to my friend, Portia, for making it to the Imprisoned Whimsey Blog page.

And it'a a beautiful set. : )))