Thursday, May 01, 2008

Street Style Thursdays


Happy Street Style Thursdays! I'm going to look around Polyvore for other examples of Street Style other than my own...somewhat restrictive street style...but for starters, here's my sort of latest. The thing is, I'm not a huuuuge fan of Steampunk. I like it, but sometimes I think it's silly, like the goggles, for instance. You will never see me wearing goggles unless I'm swimming, and even then, it's not likely. And I particularly won't wear them like a hat. However...I get it. I get the whole romantic attraction to 18th century steam driven stuff...there's a mystery about it, the passion for discovery, which is why I titled this "wanderer". When you walk out onto the street, you never know what you'll see, who you'll run into, what sort of shenanigans might ensue...wouldn't it be great if we could all move through this world with the passion of discovery...rather than just...doing it because we have to. That's a concept I could really use, because all too often, I find myself bored with EVERYTHING...but mostly, I'm just bored with myself.