Thursday, June 05, 2008

Set of the Day

"Treasure And Peg Legs" by LisaMay

Well, isn't this a bit of spectacular. Where to begin...well, let's start with the chimp. Right away, you know this set is nearly crossing the border into crazy town, but she keeps it real using a solid *normal* color palette, mostly. Other than that, it's bat shit crazy. The floral long sleeve tee under that sort of tribal print dress is...well, I think she'd get looks. It's very editorial, in its whimsy. Her inspiration, as far as I can gather, is Pirates, if I'm judging correctly by the title. Pirates! I'll be honest, Pirates weren't what jumped to mind when I saw this...but I did get the feel of a Caribbean "bazaar" full of exotic trinkets and fabrics. Furthermore, yeah, when you look at it through pirate goggles, if you will...It does have a certain Pirate "flair" in its haphazard, do what you will "flurry". Also, DIGGIN' those shades, man. They're the element that keeps this set buoyant. Nicely done, LisaMay!