Thursday, April 24, 2008


"Pollen in the Air"

I won't lie...this set and...about 3 of the following sets are directly inspired by Mannoneke's inspirations. See, I usually work off of one picture, but she works off of many at a time, creating a richer tapestry of images and an ultimately more sophisticated look. She is always whimsical and playful, but it comes from a base of nature and reality. Of course, lets not forget that the real artists of polyvore are the photographers who have the inspiration to take the shot in the first place...or the designers who design the garments to be featured in the photographer's shot, or the model who selects the pose, or the make-up and hair crew who add to the vision...I guess what I'm trying to say is...all art is built off of inspiration. It's interactive, between the artist and the audience of is a fundamental human experience that needs to be cultivated a lot MORE...I'm tired of the world being driven by the inventors and scientists and money. Money, as a rule, is the biggest threat to art. More on that later though.


Anonymous said...

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