Thursday, April 24, 2008

Street Style Thursdays

"We're All Mad Here"

Well, what was I thinking? I saw this picture...i can't remember who's set I saw it on, but I know I stole it...and was immediately inspired by the saturated colors in it. Obviously, the white top hat with a big pink scarf wrapped around it was inspiring, but I tried to stay away from really obvious Alice in Wonderland references. So I stuck to the colors. I've had that Batman t-shirt saved in my items for a month now and every time I intended to use it, the set went another way. This time, luckily, it didn't. I found those fabulous shoes by chance and then the rest of the set sort of built up from there. I didn't waste too much time looking for items because...well, I had the shoes. The rest was incidental. I do think the feather earrings were important. I said to myself...there's just not enough FEATHERS here...why I felt it needed feathers is a mystery, but that's what I was thinking. All in all, I'm rather happy with the wackiness amidst these sophisticated colors. Oh, and the vest...yeah, that's just to pull in some pink. This is, after all, meant to be inspired by the picture. And it sort of "goes" with this carefree bohemian look.


ljerci said...

Great choices..every detail!!