Monday, April 07, 2008

Mid-century Mondays


Happy Monday, Kittens! I know, I know, it's rough, first day off the weekend and it's hit the ground running. But let us take a moment to reminisce of better days, days of cocktail parties, full skirts, dapper men and curly haired women with full figures, days when a size 14 was considered voluptuous and sexy, not obese and embarrassing.

When I think about the 50's, my brain shoots off in various incongruant directions. There's the James Dean bad boy image, there's the sex-pots like Marilyn and Mamie Van Doren, and then there's the icon to beat all 50's icons...Donna Reed. Sure, she was fake and set a standard of feminine perfection that no woman in real life could possibly hope to live up to, but hey, that's the American way, right kittens?