Saturday, April 05, 2008

Set of the Day


So mau.fredes broke out with 6 new sets today, and kittens, it was tough to pick just one. I selected this one because the colors are so rich and the accessories are unusually restrained, at least for mau.fredes ;-). Those unfamiliar with his work, check him's editorial quality work.

What I love most about this set is the use of pinks on the left side. It's springy, but not cloyingly sweet. It's just small bursts of beauty. Furthermore, there's a nice mix of formal and day wear...I'm not sure day wear is the right term, but well...not as fancy. The adjustable strap, for instance, on the bag on the left is less fancy, and even the chanel bag...high end, certainly, but it's really an everyday bag. This all so nicely suits Lanvin because everything Lanvin makes is walking that line between casual and formal.