Monday, April 14, 2008

Mid-Century Mondays

Caramel Appletini

Sorry for the delay! I had computer issues.
So this is Mid-Century Mondays, Kittens, but for me, it's just a really typical "MONDAY", in the most threatening, dangerous, deep-voiced delivery you can imagine. I had to practically drag myself to the office, and traffic was miserably annoying...people cutting me off the entire way...ugh.

Not to set women's lib back 60 years but...oh, how I long for the days when men and women got married and one's husband went off to work while the wife/mother stayed home and kept house. There's a few advantages to working at home and not making a salary...

1. You don't have to sit in traffic.

2. You don't have to argue with payroll every other week because they didn't get your time sheet even though that's bull because you sent it in.

3. I could totally get into the whole cooking and cleaning thing...over time. I don't like grocery shopping, but that's mostly because I'm spending my own money.

4.You're sleeping with your you get "special treatment" and it's legal in the eyes of the lord (I know, this is the most sickeningly submissive thing you've ever heard, but I want the man to be in charge, sue me.)

And frankly, I don't think current society DEMANDS that both parents work. They could a smaller house, trade in the SUV for a Prius...Let me put it this way...the mantra for most parents is "I want my child to have everything I didn't have growing up".But modern parents...they were spoiled rotten with their own room and private bathroom, tv, videogames etc... So now the mantra is probably closer to "I want my child to have everything I had" and since that was everything...that's a lot of pressure for new parents with financial struggles. And the irony is, while the parents are out making money to give their children everything they could ever want, they're NOT giving them the one thing they NEED...which is parental attention. I could write a book on the common sense of family life in the 1950's but...not here. Happy Mid-Century Mondays!