Saturday, April 12, 2008

Set of the Day

By Manonneke

This is pretty typical of miss Manonneke. Inspirational, charming, beautiful, comfortable and just the slightest hint of masculine overtones. I wouldn't be lying if I said she's been a huge influence in some of my sets on Polyvore and I'm delighted to be able to feature her here on Imprisoned Whimsy. Now, what I like most about this set is the waistcoat's color. You see a bit of it in the shoe, but mostly, it's just a nice complementary color to the creams and oranges in the set. I also love her ability to 'set a mood' with a couple of random pictures. I could get into the psychological implications of including a fashionable clown amidst the rest of the country style pieces, but it's Saturday and I just don't have the drive to think about it. Beautiful work, Manonneke!


lulucool said...

clap clap clap for Manonneke set and for you GK, i so admire how you describe what you see in the sets. really really great ;)))))

Karmander said...

Well having an B.A in English ought to count for something.