Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Set of the Day

"charcoal, yellow, dark brown" by Doxophobia

She makes it look so easy, doesn't she? I'm not sure where to begin. I suppose I'll start by explaining how I look at a set. First thing I see is the core outfit...in this case, the blouse, vest, and skirt. I immediatly loved it because...well the narcassistic me loves anything that reminds me of me...and this reminds me of me. The pencil skirt, the pussy bow and the vest are exactly what i'd put together for myself. The blouse contains subtle hints of color...nothing overwhelming, but nothing bland.

Okay, so then I look at the accessories, trying to determine if I like them. Shoes....hm...yes, perfect. Chunky heel, oxfords, lace up, not too high on the foot...perfect. The jacket...well it's not really my color...oh, but look how it goes with that shirt...YES...love. The bag is a little plain...but it's got some interest at the handle and it's very chic and professional looking...definitely loving it. The ring is fantastic, and the necklaces add a little bling underneath the pussy bow...the coffee cup, because let's face it, it goes everywhere with you...and finally the wayfarer frame glasses. (Morrisseyesque...love).

Is she flashy? No. Is she dazzling? No, not really...What Miss Doxophobia IS...is flawless, with a keen eye and a cool head. I have never seen her miss.