Tuesday, April 01, 2008


You knew this was coming. I'll be honest, it's rare that I become obsessed with something. There are exactly three things I can name that would qualify as "obsessions" for me. This gentleman, mildly speaking, is one of them. Mostly, it was an over-reaction to finding something that's been missing from my life for WAY too long. So now the storm has passed and he gently lingers in brain, a forever thought, if you will.

Now, the particular thing about Moz is how very similar he is to my family. Not on my mom's side, on my dad's side. The way he IS...that whole moody, honest, glad to be unhappy business...I've never seen that outside the walls of my last name until I discovered The Smiths. Furthermore, there's simply physical similarities that I cannot ignore...same teeth, same nose, same hands...If he isn't a distant distant DISTANT relative, I'd be very surprised.

Also, I have no desire to meet him, unless there's a specific purpose...(duet, for instance)...because just "meeting" him would be so incredibly awkward. He doesn't put out the charm and neither do I...and I LOATHE being 'a fan'. I'm not even a very good fan, I only know about half of his songs. Compared to his other, more psychotic fans...i'm pathetic.

Anyway, Here's to you, Morrissey! May you find that the world understands you after all, and may your enemies step in the glass in the grass.