Thursday, April 03, 2008

Set of the Day

"What It Do" by Narz

So I went into my favorites section of Polyvore and just scanned through them and this caught my eye for the third time today. I don't honestly know WHY it's so good, all I know is it continues to appeal to me. The color blocking of the shorts and bag is clever...basic primary colors (I know green is secondary, but this is kelly green, about as basic a green as it gets). The boots paired with the sunglasses is creative and unusual...and for my money, you can never go wrong with a leather bomber jacket. The proportions are odd...there's a lot going on up top, nothing covering the legs until you hit the boots, which don't seem to correlate at all with the rest of the outfit. But stand back and look at the wearer...somehow, worn with confidence, this is totally chic and striking. Well done, Narz!

By the way, awesome title ;-)