Monday, April 07, 2008

Set of the Day

"Accessorizing Gray" by Mewsmom

Mewsmom, a polyvorian best known for her interior designs, attempts a fashion set. But not just any fashion set...9 in 1!

I chose this because each outfit really works with it's designated dress. All of the dresses are knock-outs (except maybe the bottom middle one, that's just meh), and you can see a variety of ways to wear a gray dress. Well done, Mewsmom!


Mewsmom said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wow! This IS an honor especially from Gokarm. She can be tough to please! High standards and all. . . This set was harder than it looks because it's tough to find just the right "look" to match the dress. And when they're so small, it's important that they be easily visible.
Thanks again, Gokarm. Love you!

mint891 said...

aaah, I love mewsmom's sets. I remember a similar one that she had made but with a little room in each of the squares instead of an outfit, I was in love with it!
This set is amazing! I can well imagine the amount of hardwork and patience that went into its making.

Mewsmom said...

I'm so pleased. This set wasn't as hard as it looks. There are so many great gray dresses. I could actually do this set again with totally different dresses. Thanks again.