Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"Chanel" by love_to_shop

This is such a fantastic set, I can't even stand it. Okay, maybe I'm overstating a bit, but it's early and I'm easily amused. I love that she used a cardigan as a dress. Normally, I don't like that, I'm like "why didn't he/she include the rest of the outfit?" or "omg, that's so slutty, she ain't got no pants on" but in this case, I find myself just adoring this whole look. Frankly, it just looks so darn comfortable. Flat boots, well covered up, all soft fabrics...I could cuddle up in this outfit and go to sleep and then get up and go to the organic grocery store and look totally put together and chic.

"Boy, can i borrow your clothes?" by mrs. Brightside
This is just really, so cool. Obviously, she's playing with menswear, as ladies of 2008 are known to do...and this is a really sexy result, because it's not boring menswear, it's rockstar menswear. This isn't Wally Wallstreet with his suit and tie and suspenders...no...this is younger, hipper, non-conformist menswear that verges on androgynous. My favorite part of this look is the Rolling Stones t-shirt. Something about the color of the red...it's just enough color without being *too* much.


Mewsmom said...

I like the guitar necklace. It's so perfect.