Monday, April 14, 2008

Set of the Day

"Mary Ann" by Henedina

THIS is the kind of thing Henedina is known for, by my estimation. Each piece is unique or...there's so much unique-ness going on that you don't even notice the classics (like the pencil skirt) and the classics' mere presence in a set as varied as this MAKES it unique. Furthermore, it's not just about each item being unique, but also how it is put together. That hat, that top, those shoes, that necklace and those sunglasses...What?!? Together?!? Miss Henedina says "Hell to the yes!" (my imagined response, not an actual quote ;-)). And she's right, that hat would seem nearly ordinary if it was paired with a more...girlish business chic ensemble...and all the items in this set seem to belong somewhere else, but when they come together...something spectacular happens; which is why this is Set of the Day!


henedina said...

Teehee Thanks M

lulucool said...

ooooooooooooooooh. \o/ claps!!!! Hene is soooo my favorite polyvorian ;))))))

Karmander said...

*nods* she's a little bit brilliant, it's true.