Monday, April 21, 2008

Set of the Day

"ivory, mint, dark brown" by Doxophobia

Interesting Fact:
Doxophobia - Fear of expressing opinions or of receiving praise.

Well, sorry, sweetheart, but you shouldn't be so darn talented if you don't want to recieve praise :D Anyway, in regards to selecting the Set of the Day, I just wasn't up to it today. I'm really tired in a "monday" sort of way and just totally groggy and can't focus on any single task. I must have selected fifty other sets to be set of the day, but in a moment of weakness, this prevailed. Why? Because I simply LIKE it the most. The rest of them were good, clever outfits, and of course, this is too, but it's not BETTER than the others, it just suits my mood best today. That said, I love how all the items in this set look "worn". Like the Velveteen Rabbit, these items are the type to be much loved and much used, and thus begin to look...worn. The t-shirt is fabulous and offers alot of creative "stuff" to work with, colors, shapes, etc...It's all very peaceful and easy...the kind of thing one wears to wander about aimlessly. But as easy and peaceful as it is, it isn't boring, at least not to me. It's crisp colors contrasted with the grubbiness of the clothes is fresh and pleasantly satisfying, somehow :)


doxophobia said...

thanks once again dear! i really enjoy reading what you write about the different sets you feature here.

ljerci said...

wow...great set,great job doxophobia.... and your comment is so sincere!!

Karmander said...

thanks, ladies!