Monday, April 21, 2008

Mid-Century Monday

Hotel California

I really like this set, but I have some issues with the dress. Am I seeing it from the back or the front. Common sense tells me, that if one takes a picture of a dress, they will take it from the front, but looking at it...of course the hands could be either way, either her hand is in front of her, or it's behind her back...and angle-wise, it could go either way. Also, the model is either in the high fashion couture pose, which is the image of having a bad tummy ache, or she's got her chest puffed out and her back is arched...and I can't really see any sign of breasts, not that they aren't camoflauged by the pattern. At any rate, either way, I'd like this dress. Happy Mid-century Monday!


ljerci said...

Wow, this is really interesting!!!! You cannot figure it out is is front or back??? Hmm...the hand with flowers looks like it's from the back...but the other one looks like its in the front!! i don't know what I'm saying anymore!! All in all, great set! :-DDD

Katrina said...

It's the front. The hand on the right would be in a very, very uncomfortable position if it were on the back like that. Also, the neck part seems to slant forward. And finally, I looked at the original site it came from :P On there, you can see various views of the mannequin. It shows a view of the other side of the dress, which has almost a sweetheart neckline (and a zipper), and the description states that the front has a boatneck neckline.

Karmander said...

It seems to me this dress was designed to look backwards. Which makes sense, because in the 50's women wore their sweaters were always rebellious fashion victims, I guess lol.