Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Set of the Day

"Ona radi u rudniku i zivot joj nije lak..." by Stefanoceras

Okay, I don't have much time to write this, but I will tell you I had my Set of the Day already picked at 2:40. I admit it, I just knew. I kept my eyes open all day, but this is it. I LOVE that dress, and I love it's presence in a library. I'm loving the hat and the shoes with it, particularly the hat, as it elongates the silouette even futher, making the wearer statuesque and feminine. Everything is perfect, well done, Stef!


ljerci said...

Great choice!!!!! Stef has wonderful sets, glad you chose her!!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Stefanoceras is very unique woman and makes very unique sets, so I'm glad that you pick her set