Monday, April 28, 2008

Set of the Day

"Ha!" by BeyondFashion

Beyond Fashion is right! This breaks all the rules. This is such a beautiful update of 70's disco era. Don't you just picture these women on a yacht with their respective mustached beaus at the wheel...snorting coke and lathering up with suntan oil? And yet, it's modern enough to move "beyond" that stereotype. I mean, who can resist those shiny purple shoes? Or the big leather corset belt? This stuff is fabulous! And that's what I'd use to describe this set, absolutely FABULOUS.


Emily said...

I love your description so much..I love your blog so much! It makes you see the sets in a totally different way than you did before.

BeyondFashion said...

Oh, dearest Karmander (aka Gokarm), you do make me blush! Thank you so much for picking this set of mine as your set of the day, and thank you for those fantastic sets of your own - your utterly creative concoctions are a joy to come across on Polyvore.
Yours truly,

Karmander said...

Thank you emily and beyond! you make ME blush :D