Thursday, April 03, 2008

Street Style Thursday

"Rock" by me, Gokarm

I know my look is not for everyone, but it's 100% for me, and in fashion, that's all that friggin' matters. What I like about my street style is how grounded it is. (How do I alter that sentence so it doesn't end with a preposition?) Anyway...That's why I like big boots, because you plant yourself to the ground with each step. It's that "rock" stomp...when I visualize it, it's a ripple of sound waves that start with the foot...and thus, there is a presence about're at the core of it all. Furthermore, you're solid and steady. You don't look like someone could knock you over with a feather.

The rest of the look is all about being creative with comfortable attire. I like socks because they keep your legs warm. I like these shorts because they're long-ish in a sturdy fabric and they don't require ironing. In fact, ironing would erase their character. The t-shirt is all about the color. The boots are a super-saturated candy apple red and the shirt is the same color, only lighter. Try to erase the color on the boot, and you'll wind up with the color of the shirt. This look is all about power. It's my armor, shielding me from judgement, disapproval, and contempt. This look tells them all to screw off.


Anonymous said...

I love this attitude! Your street is *very* chic...

Karmander said...

thanks! It grates on the suburbians I live with but too bad for them :D