Thursday, April 03, 2008

Street Style Thursday

"Smell Like Teen Spirit" by Phoebe Juliet

What kind of Polyvore blog would this be if it didn't include the great Phoebe Juliet? I'm going to look past the composition for now because we all know that it's fantastic. The reason THIS set is so good is because of the threads. I love the arm warmer sleeves on the striped shirt...just an aesthetic I respond to, I guess...And I love the grey tights under brown boots. I love the proportions on the second outfit, the cropped vest and long cami top over skinny jeans...That's really all there is to say. It's casual and grungy and's reminiscent of typical teen style, but neither is wearing uggs (ladies, please...enough...particularly you children from new jersey...stop it with the uggs, there's a reason they're called "Uggs"), the sunglasses are aviators, the ONLY way to look cool...not the Nicole Richie over sized frames...little details that protect this from being TOTALLY predictable. Well done, Phoebe!


Phoebe Juliet said...

I have to let all know, so all of you will know, that this set is ispired by the great GOKARM !:))))))

Karmander said...

Aww, thanks Juliet, that's probably why I like it so much ;-)