Thursday, April 10, 2008

Street Style Thursdays

"Don't Edit"

This is the last 'pure' street style set I made. It has the usual "gokarm" features...doc martens, gloves, vest, hat, glasses...I think i was getting a little punchy when I made this lol. I normally wouldn't have gone with the peacock clutch AND the checkered scarf...which is why this is titled the way it is. It was hard for me not to take that bag out and replace it with something a little more acceptable/predictable. I mean I already had crazy going on with the shoulder length leather gloves and the top hat and the round frame glasses...did I REALLY need to go further and add the bag? Looking at it now though, I think the bag is perfect (with the earrings). It's an added element that pushes forward that "glam" david bowie-ness...without it, this would be just another boring hipster set.