Saturday, April 12, 2008

Summery Saturday

"So Once and For All" by xxshellxx

This is pastels with an edge. Think about that. Pastels. with an EDGE. Obviously I'm going to love it, I don't know about you. So...this is a super summery outfit. She has the sailor inspired bag, the modified gladiator sandals (a really marvelous pair) and a nice light blue flouncy skirt. All well and good, but when I start to love it is when I see the striped mens shirt. A mens shirt over a light blue flouncy skirt? Madness! But it totally works. She managed to create a girly tomboy look. I also love the light blue cameo ON THE MEN'S SHIRT. That's brilliant. This whole look is really hipster, really interesting, and really unique. Well done, Shell!