Saturday, April 05, 2008

Summery Saturdays

"mellow summer" by ckhopper
I love the colors and textures in this. These are fall colors, through and through, but with the right cut, this is a totally chic summer look. I particularly like the dark blood red with the dirt brown. It's so earthy and natural. I also like the cream colored sunglasses because that color doesn't appear anywhere else in the outfit. It's a nice healthy look.

"Heat wave" by ♥Ruchi.xox♥
This makes me long for a heat wave, and not just because of the title. The colors are burnt and glowing, the clothes are unrestrictive and would play well with a warm breeze, and I'm always a fan of comfortable shoes. The look is simple but eye-catching. The colors are really complementary and appear brighter than they are because they are together. It's a color wheel thing that only makes sense when you see it in action. I'll explain that another time.

Well done ladies!