Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Vintage Wednesday

"Gardens" by Suzanne4

I chose this set because if I Suzanne4 didn't score the first Vintage Wednesdays set, there would have been an imbalance in the universe, and I don't want to be the cause of that.

Seriously though, you can tell that she delights in these super girly, tea party-esque, decorated sets and the result is this wonderful stationary of feminine pleasantries. I chose this one in particular because spring is desperately trying to push winter over around here and I'm in the mood for some old-fashioned spring fever. The pastels, lace, and porcelain, with scraps of pretty fabric swatches and cameo pins...well it just doesn't GET much springier than this. Furthermore, its entitled "Gardens". It's a no-brainer. I loves it!


Suzanne4 said...

I am incredibly honored by your words and also have decided that you can write the descriptions for my sets any time that you want to!!! I also am also wishing for that wonderful spring (as it snowed here yesterday...what is that all about?) Thank you so much!

Karmander said...

Ew, it SNOWED?!? We had a bad rainstorm last night and it's pretty chilly this morning, but no, no snow lol.