Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Set of the Day runner-up

"I just wanted to do a set..." by lulucool

This set is fierce, kittens. With just 7 items, lulu has been creative with color, texture, cut, and proportion. I would have never thought to put these items together. To me, the clutch would have been too fancy, the shoes too wild, the shorts too casual. But I would have been wrong. Each item is a necessary element to this "story". This outfit is fierce, comfortable, high class, stylish and unconventional without really sticking out. I loves.


lulucool said...

could I be more honorable? I dont think so.... ahahahahah... wow, Gokarm, I simply loved what you said! I never expect that, so it´s a huge pleasure to be here. It is so great when someone understands my madness eheheheh. I´m super happy now and simply can´t stop smiling. Thank you so much ;)))) really means a lot to me!

Karmander said...

:D you deserved it!