Friday, May 09, 2008

Properly Punk

There is entirely too little "punk" on polyvore. I don't mean the bubblegum punk that you tend to see..."punk princess" and such...but I mean like...old school vivienne westwood or um...Heatherette, for instance. We need more ATTITUDE on polyvore.

"Casual Punk"

So I decided that "change begins with me", and worked up a couple of sets with 'tude. This one, I just can't tell you how much I love that shirt. It's designed to be very slouchy, but the shoulder seams are "at" the shoulders, so it doesn't add too much width to the arms, which is always the problem with oversized things. I paired it with a, I think a cotton mini skirt. It could be jersey, for all I care, just so long as it isn't denim or leather. Grabbed the boots from because they can't be beat for AWESOME footwear. The necessary punk accessories are here, but I tried to restrain myself. I wanted this to be accessible. I couldn't be happier with the hair though...THAT'S what I was looking for, for this outfit. Bad ass, but low maintainence (you know, no hair sprays and gels and glitter and gravity defying techniques).

"Pretty Punk"
This was frustrating, because I really wanted a throw back to the 80's and for whatever reason, I couldn't find what I wanted so...take the pink shirt and cut 3 forths of the bottom right off...then slash the neckline from the right side of the neckhole to the shoulder seem. And of course wear it over the black tank top. The necklace, garishly goes over it all, because Punk takes over everything. Anyone see "Sid and Nancy?" Remember when they go into their hotel room and spray paint all the art, and slash the furniture until it's properly punk? That's the idea...messing with order, taking control any way you can...inspiring, huh :)


Jael Paris said...

While I appreciate the punk style, it's not the best look for my curvy figure. Skinny jeans and I happen to be mortal enemies. I've noticed my sets lean toward my body type.

Karmander said...

Yeah, I lean the opposite way from my body type...models, you know. It's my tall lady fixation :)