Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Costume Institute Gala: 2008

As I said in Polyvore... THIS is why I love Christina Ricci. Not only is this a gorgeous ensemble, but it so SUITS her, with her big eyes and freakishly large forehead. Of course, in this case, she got lucky. I mean, the theme was superheros, and girlfriend IS a cartoon. Regardless, She looks so fabulous I can't even hold it together lol. The outfit I made in polyvore was mainly to validate the look for us non-super hero folks. I'm not sure I succeeded. I know I tend to go for the super funky business, and this is very trendy, with the racer back tank top under a formal dress. The shoes, of course, are both expensive AND flashy, in a superhero kind of way.I don't think the average girl would or could wear them. But the bag, earrings, dress, tank and I think the belt...all within a relatively affordable price range. I would go with pink or gold shoes from Steve Madden or something too, if you would like to rock this look on your own.

My second favorite outfit of the evening was this Zac Posen number. Oh no, not the dress, the SUIT. Now, I have a soft spot for any ensemble that combines black and electric blue...for personal reasons. But considering the theme of the night, could he have nailed it any better? This is one occasion where the girl is the accessory, by my estimation. And considering she's wearing a magnificent canary yellow gown, that's saying something! Also, blue and gold is SUCH classic "hero" colors. How many high school colors are blue and gold? A LOT. I know that was my school's colors and there was at least one other school in the same COUNTY with blue and gold colors. I also dig the red bow and pocket square. As if the electric blue shiny suit wasn't enough, he adds a friggin' BOW tie. See, this is why I love designers. Well done, Zac!

Zac Posen image courtesy of Project Rungay