Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Two for Tuesday

Leslie Le Rouge

Interpretation is such a marvelous tool for creativity. Show someone a picture, and ask them to do something with it. Everyone will do something different. Sometimes the difference is subtle, sometimes it's hard to see the comparison. This...

"Modern Vintage"

was my interpretation of the picture of Leslie Le Rouge. I didn't find any gowns that suited the image, so i decided to do something far more casual, using the colors of the image alone, in most cases. I added some vintage accessories to stay true to the overall 'feel' of the image.


"Peacock Goes to Prom" by Fashion Me Fabulous

is what Fashion Me Fabulous did with her. A more literal translation, but just as valid, because very little about this says "vintage". She took the situation and items from the picture...i.e., a woman going someplace glamourous wearing lots of feathers. That's what this set is, a beautiful dress, tasteful shoes, a happy little peacock clutch, and tons of feathers.

So that, my friends, is your two for tuesday!