Friday, May 02, 2008

Inspiration, one of my favorite things in the world. Below, you will find a selection for a series of "Band" inspired sets made by Shell. Each outfit is a masterpiece of design and so perfectly matches the Band inspiring it. I would also implore you to click on the pictures to see what Shell herself had to say about each set (the early ones aren't as in depth as the later ones ;-)) They're FREAKIN' AWESOME! Enjoy!
"Honey Pie"

"Night Is Young & The Music's High"

"Poisoned Hearts Will Never Change, Walk Away Again"

"I Know You See Me Looking At you And You Already Know"

"Show It To Me Truly, Show Me With a Kiss"

"People think I'm Insane Because i Am Frowning All The Time"

"When Passions' A Prison You Can't Break Free"

"Par Ici Il Y Passe Trois Cavalier"

"In This Land Of Make-Believe, Dead And Dry..."

"First Time our Eyes Met It's The Same Feeling I Get"