Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Sketch

So, I drew this last night. The hair was inspired by Robyn, the singer. I know NOTHING about her, but I saw her on Perez Hilton and noticed her hair so...But this is sort of what I do, I just sketch something. I rarely think about what I'm going to do, I just do it. I'm like that on polyvore. If you think there's a premeditated plan for each set that's...almost never the case. I grab a picture and improv on it. I'm going to use this as a practice graphic for painting in photoshop's going to take awhile. And I may just not finish it because I'm already not feeling real motivated to do it :)


xxshellxx said...

You have amazing talent gokarm!

Jess Lee said...

wow you're really artistic!

Karmander said...

thank you, ladies!