Thursday, May 08, 2008

Set of the Day

"Mother Bird" by Natasha11

Sometimes I wonder why I do this every day, this polyvore thing. I'm not really addicted to it. When I'm away on vacation or something for a week, I don't miss it all, no offence to my polyvore friends ;-). I need to see things like this to remember why Polyvore is worth it. What better way to showcase this dress? Honestly. If you blow this up magazine does not get better than this. It has depth, plot line, it's visually clear and vivid, the textures are strong, the colors saturated and subtle...furthermore, it's a cool outfit. The jean jacket and aviators ground this and take it from sweet to cool. I have learned SO much about fashion on polyvore, and I sense I'm going to go on learning, because of sets like this. Well done, Nat :).


Anonymous said...

Thank you my dear :)

Karmander said...

you're most welcome, dear :)