Friday, May 16, 2008

Set of the Day

"Nature" by Mewsmom

This is actually a day old, but I really wanted to feature one of polyvore's most underrated stylists here. The thing about style is, it has to be identifiable. Anyone can through a bunch of Marc Jacobs and Chloe couture together and call it fashion, and it IS...but nobody except marc jacobs or chloe can claim that style as their own. Mewsmom, and a number of stylists on polyvore...really HAVE their own style. You can look at a set and say "ah, that's a Natasha11" or "Ah, that's a doxophobia"...and in the same way, I can always identify "a mewsmom". Sometimes I don't like what she does, personal taste wise...but it's always distinctly "her". In this case, I definitely like it. I love the shoe and the earrings, and I love the color of the bag because it's SO muted. Who wouldn't have gone for an olive bag? That's the kind of unexpected twist that I live for. Well done, mews!


Mewsmom said...

Thank you for this "tribute" to me and the many others involved in Polyvore who pretty much pass unnoticed. Bottom line? It's just great fun. Paper dolls, coloring books, dress up. . .revisiting childhood.

Of course, you take it much further and it becomes true art. I wonder what the "fashion industry" would think of your blog. Have you tried sending it to the big mucky mucks?

Love you and all you do! M.

Jade. said...

Excellent post. Very much's so fasinating what people do with their white box, and how different it all ends up.

Jael Paris said...

I like how the dress looks like it have butterflies caught in it.