Friday, May 16, 2008

Set of My Own

"Elton John Took Me"

I just realized today that I haven't been doing too much with my own sets around here. I guess it's all to do with the fact that I can include my own comments on my own sets through polyvore...I don't NEED the blog. But in cases like this particular set...I DO need the blog, because the notes section just doesn't suffice. I'm a pretty big fan of Elton John...not HUGE...I mean, not like "Morrissey" huge, but pretty big. I LOVE Yellow Brick Road and Tiny Dancer about as much as a person could love a song. I wanted to pay proper homage to the flamboyant man and...while there's a lot of "pimp" going on, I still think it's more runway than pimp...slightly...maybe lol. I think the shirt grounds the set slightly. You'll notice that Elton is wearing a polka dot shirt under some furry something or other so that's where I started. (Technically I started with the red jacket, because it was already in my items and it seemed to match the picture but, whatever...) The polka dot shirt was a real find because it was unique and had a lot of its own personality. I had to go especially to A.J. hats for that leopard print hat because for some reason we don't have any A.J. hats in polyvore anymore. provided the shoes, which are more necessary to this look than anything. And I really love those clip on sunglasses...they look funkier than one would expect clip ons to look.

And generally speaking, I just wanted to draw from the integrity of that particular shot of Elton. It's crazy and wierd, but there's no real joke behind it. It looks like a serious "photographic" shot, taking a look at the man behind the mask. That's...that's what I was going for in this set.


Jade said...

I am hardcore Elton John fan. Like, if someone bought me tickets to see Elton John, I would probably break down and cry from my happiness.
I love this look. You are right, it's extremely pimp but still...Elton John doesn't do safe. You know one of his next albums is going to be a hip hop album? I am excited.