Monday, May 05, 2008

Set of the Day

by Roby

I noticed something missing from Imprisoned Whimsy today...GLAMOUR. Now, I've got nothing against glamour, except that usually it's a little, let's face it, predictable. Glamour is a little more scientific than I like, if you know what I mean. Pretty dress, snug fit around the torso, long flowing skirt, high heels, gems and diamonds, fresh, bright makeup, and some sort of up do. You can't really go wrong if these elements are in place. However, I'm usually bored by it. Not so with Roby. She manages to turn up the amps on glamour, and this one is at 11, for that extra push. The diamond earrings and ring match in color (which is actually not at all easy to do in polyvore)...the dress is just above the ankle, I believe, so the strappy shoe is perfect, sitting just below the hem line. The clutch, again, perfectly matches the jewelry. Nothing is overdone, it's all very tasteful. It takes an Italian, I guess :D Grazie, Roby, per portare un certo fascino a capriccioso incarcerato!(Spero che la mia traduzione sia comprensibile!)