Monday, May 12, 2008

Turning Fashion into Style

American Eagle etc...

I was signing up with a new blog "broadcaster" (click on it, btw...) and they asked me to "describe my blog" in 250 words or less. Somehow, something clicked and I knew exactly what my blog, and polyvore for that matter, is all about. "turning fashion into style". Anyone who regularly visits polyvore and makes fashion sets is more than just a "fashionista"...they're a STYLIST; and style is SO much more interesting than fashion. Because with style, there's a story behind it...there's a human heart and soul that is somehow represented by the clothes he or she wears. And in that, there's a neverending fascination. Why is polyvore addictive? Because unlike any other site on the web, we are asked to ..sort of take responsibility for who we are and explore who we WANT to be. I know in the last year, my fashion has solidified into a defining style of who I am and who I want to be...I want to be a series of complex oxymoronic clues that ultimately leave me a total mystery to the average bypasser. That's my power of choice, to always leave them guessing. And by practicing in Polyvore and in real life, I'm doing that better than ever :D