Monday, May 12, 2008

Set of the Day

"For Ljubotinjanka" by blondbeast

There are few polyvorians who have been as immediately impressive as blondbeast. His eye is IMPECCABLE. Absolutely flawless.

You MUST check his sets out HERE.

Furthermore, they're always interesting and stylish. This set is his latest, and it's a stunner. The blue grey pants are slightly perplexing. Particularly with the total lack of blue-grey in the rest of the look. But then I look over to the 'inspiration'...and I realize he grabbed the color of the shadow behind her...That's just a little brilliant. I'm always a fan of black and pink but I never would have thought to add a white blazer. But again, drawing from the inspiration image, it definitely works and makes the rest of the color pop. A very striking set of the day. Well done, blondbeast!


Anonymous said...

(Blondbeast) Very flattering! Thanks again for the shout-out. I also felt lucky to find that picture with the moon and the ocean in it... just to echo the grey blue color a little more.

Have you done any menswear sets? I backtracked through yours for a while but couldn't find one. If you have, please PM me the link - and if you haven't... I'd love to see you give it a go!

Karmander said...

hah, I will look...i've done them, but I delete a lot of sets that aren't "up to code" so i'm not sure i still have them.